An Introduction

Hello there! I figured that I should talk a little about myself before I go on with other posts since I think it’s a good way for people to get an introduction to who I am and what kind of perspective I have to contribute to this space.

Where should I begin? My name is Alvin-Christian, though most people either call me Alvin or AC. I was born on September 11, 1989 in Santa Monica, California and raised in Van Nuys, the heart of the San Fernando Valley. I’m Filipino, but I didn’t really start to learn about what that meant until I went to college and took Filipino language classes and got involved in various organizations. Speaking of college, I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Global Studies and a minor in Education. It took me a while to finally decide on a major because I was just too interested in so many things that I just didn’t want to settle on studying only political science or only anthropology. Global Studies, thankfully, is an interdisciplinary major, so I was able to take classes from a variety of fields, including sociology and geography, and I loved it.

Travel is a big passion of mine, but I don’t get to do it as often as I want. I usually go on trips with my family to different destinations across the United States, but the first real trip that I had on my own was when I studied abroad in Shanghai during the summer of 2010. It was an amazing experience to just go out and use the wonderful subway system there to explore the city on my own or with friends I made through the program and Shanghai will always have a special place in my heart. I miss it a lot and you can bet to see a couple posts in the future looking back on some of the experiences that I’ve had there. Learning about the world was what made me want to find a major like Global Studies in the first place.

Community is also important to me. The more you learn about another person’s story, the more likely you are to advocate for them in the future. It’s that interaction with people that interests me because you can also expand it into the global community where more and more people from different backgrounds are coming into contact with one another. Somehow, people need to put aside their differences and work together, but it is often easier said than done.

I guess I underestimated how this post was going to turn out since I feel like I am just going on and on, but I think you can get a basic idea of who I am and of course, more of my personality and identity will come through in future posts. Culture, society, and creativity are all big interests of mine as well, and those will hopefully become more evident the more I write. If there’s anything in particular that you want to know, just ask!


2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Hey there! I had a great time reading your blog and noticed that you said you studied abroad in Shanghai. I work for a company called Go Overseas ( and was wondering if you would be interested in contributing a city guide article on Shanghai. It is really helpful when perspective study abroad students can read about a city written by someone who has actually studied abroad there. Let me know if you are interested at 🙂

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