Life, Love, and Globalization

Here starts a new chapter in documenting my life that I hope will be more comprehensive than my previous efforts. After spending the latter half of college on Tumblr, I realized that I wanted to get back to the Xanga days of yore in which I actually wrote often to come to terms with the various angsts and ordeals of being a high school student. Of course, my high school days are long gone, but I don’t think there is ever really a time to stop writing. That’s what made me want to start this blog. I wanted to put my thoughts into words again and gain more control over my feelings. The more you write about how you feel and what you think, the clearer things seem to get. Or at least that is what I believe.

So now we have this WordPress, where, as the tagline says, I plan to muse over “life, love, and globalization”. All those are much more connected for me than you would think. As a Global Studies major, I fell in love with seeing how instances in globalization affect almost everything in our lives. It’s something that I am incredibly interested in and I can honestly say that I am passionate about discussing how countries and societies are constantly affecting each other. Not only is this blog a documentation of who I am becoming and where I have been, but it is also a space where I can collect and analyze information about the world and just write. Even though I’ve graduated, I don’t think I will ever stop being a student. You can learn something from every experience.

I don’t want to keep this opening post too long, so I will end really soon, but I just wanted to point out how excited I am to start this. I originally wanted to officially make my first post in the days leading up to my 23rd birthday, but this is close enough.

Live a life worth writing about. Tell a story.


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