The Waterfall at Eaton Canyon

Even though I included Eaton Canyon in my list of fun hikes in the LA area, I also wanted to highlight this place on its own because it really is my favorite of all the places that I have hiked so far. Plus, since swimming in a waterfall was part of my Adventures list, I needed to dedicate a post to it anyway. I guess there isn’t really much to say that hasn’t been explained in my other post though, but I am going to continue writing about my experience anyway.

When I first saw the waterfall, I thought it was amazing. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of waterfalls throughout my life because of all the camping trips that I have taken, and many of them have been a lot larger than this one, but to actually be in the water and see the it gushing right in front of you is a very different experience entirely. I was a little apprehensive about actually going through the waterfall since it was freezing, but I ended up getting pulled through and I’m glad to admit I survived.

During the second trip, we tried to reach the other waterfalls in the area but decided that we weren’t exactly prepared after being stuck on top of a mountain for a while. It may have been for the best since apparently someone died the following day in an accident around the same area we were trying to reach. That was a little unsettling. We ended up going back to the main waterfall again and I think it was worth it to get this shot. I still want to explore other waterfall hikes, but Eaton Canyon will always be my true first.


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