Los Angeles: A Tough City to Love

Los Angeles can be a tough city to love. The car culture that we grow up in makes things and people seem distant. Traffic, expenses, and smog can be numbing to our spirits. The superficial and the artificial tempt us every day. It’s not easy to love Los Angeles, but when you give this relationship the opportunity, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.

Cultures come alive in ethnic enclaves like Little Tokyo, Historic Filipinotown, and Little Ethiopia. You can find art both in city museums and city streets. Food and music are just as diverse as the population. Because Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world, the surface level view of Los Angeles is always depicted through the media, but this city is so much more complex than what reality television could ever portray.

While taking the red line back to North Hollywood yesterday, I saw a woman pass a note to a man just before she exited the subway. He read it and then passed it on to me just before he left. It said:

Even though it was just a simple message, it made me smile. I already mentioned in my last post that my day hadn’t started out so great, but this was such a nice way to end it. Of course, it wasn’t over. I was tempted to keep the message because it did make me feel good, but I couldn’t be that selfish. I didn’t want to end the chain and I hoped that this little piece of paper would make someone else smile over the course of its journey. I passed it on to another stranger right before I reached my stop on the orange line. He looked just as puzzled as I was at first, but I didn’t look back to see his reaction once the note was opened.

So yes, Los Angeles can be a tough city to love, but it is an amazing place and all sorts of surprises lie within both this city and its people.


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