A Future in Global Studies

Decisions tend to scare me. It’s hard for me to truly be confident in my choices and I constantly find myself thinking too much about the repercussions. Even at UCLA, it took me until my third year to finally declare a major because my interests were all over the place and I did not want to limit myself to one specific field. Since global studies was interdisciplinary, I at least got to experience a diverse set of classes while attending college. It was a relief when I finally decided that this was the path that I wanted to take and since then, I fell in love with discussing globalization.

Once I graduated, it was difficult to figure out what to do next. I told myself that I did not want to be a teacher, even though I got my minor in education studies. I still saw myself as an educator and I wanted to inspire others to fall in love with global culture in the same fashion that I did. I just didn’t know how.

It seems a little obvious now, but recently, I’ve been thinking about becoming a professor. It would just be a dream come true to be able to teach my own class about various subjects in globalization and I would love to be able to make a living this way. I see myself going to conferences and discussing experiences with colleagues and students. It’s really nerdy, but it gets me incredibly excited.

There is a masters program in global studies at UCSB that seems interesting and I am honestly considering applying within the next two years. I just want to spend the time until then becoming more competitive and taking additional classes at my local community college so that I can make more connections with professors and have a bigger resource for letters of recommendation. It’s a big decision and I am a little petrified of making this step, but I think my heart is set on it and my mind agrees. People constantly search for their purpose in life and a big part of me feels like this will get me there.

The road to reach that destination probably won’t be easy, and there will most likely be a good amount of snags on the way, but I think I can do it. I think I can see myself being happy as a professor. I think I just might have a future in global studies.


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