Worlds of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy

My Disneyland annual pass expires on the 9th of September and since they raised all the prices, I don’t plan to renew. The last time I went to Disneyland was before this year’s “Great SoCal Blackout” in which SoCal and SoCal Select passes are blocked out for most of the summer. I needed to go at least one more time before my pass expired and I got the chance with Rona this past Friday.

Before entering the parks, I got myself a Happy Birthday pin because I am turning 23 on the 11th. The day I got my annual pass, I also got a Happy Birthday pin so it was a nice full circle moment.  Rather than head into Disneyland right away, we went to California Adventure to spend the first few hours of the trip. It was my first time seeing the new Buena Vista Street and I love it. It’s too bad that I didn’t get to appreciate it more, but it’s not like I will never go back again. I also got to fulfill something that I have always wanted to do since I got my pass: take a picture with Chip and Dale. Okay, so it doesn’t sound too epic, but it is. I wanted to take an “Alvin and the Chipmunks picture” and I did! Heck yes.

Afterwards, we got passes for the late World of Color show and rode the Grizzly River Run, which we got to pretty easily because a kind man ended up giving us fast pass tickets since his daughter did not want to go on the ride anymore. This day was already pretty lucky and it got even luckier. After riding the Little Mermaid ride, I saw a guy who looked like Samuel Larsen, who won the first season of The Glee Project and now plays Joe Hart on Glee. It actually turned out to be him. Rona and I rode California Screaming and ended up taking a picture with Sam after. It was such a weird moment, but he was one of my favorites to win The Glee Project, even though I stopped regularly watching Glee. Toy Story Mania and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror happened next and then Rona and I were off to Disneyland.

Rona was feeling a little dizzy from all the rides, so we just sat around and watched Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, which I really like. The floats are really amusing and the theme of music is creatively implemented into each one. I really love the carousel bicycles that Mary Poppins and Bert ride and I want to see these for every day street use. We went on a bunch of rides after that, ate, saw fireworks, and then hopped back over to California Adventure where I saw World of Color for the first time. It’s amazing.

Okay, so I skipped through a lot in that last paragraph, but I realized that it really wasn’t necessary. I was a little bummed that the Indiana Jones ride was closed, but I am just glad that I got to go on the ones I did and they were all pretty enjoyable (except maybe Pinnochio). I guess, just listing them off makes the memory more rigid or something and I’d like to remember the experience more than the names and order of the rides that I rode.

So yes. The park closed, we rode the tram, and drove back to the Valley, where it isn’t quite as magical. Like I said earlier, I don’t doubt that I will ever go again. I just won’t have a pass.


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