Ode to a Disneyland Annual Pass

Oh, plastic card which once opened the gates into the land of Disney,
How you provided me with memories of fantastic voyages
And characters whose stories come from different worlds
Yet ultimately intertwine in the spheres of reverie and magic
Alas, thou has met thine end,
And though we part, this is not goodbye
But a “see you real soon”
And one day those golden gates will open once more
Into the Happiest Place on Earth.

RIP Disneyland SoCal Annual Pass (September 9, 2011 – September 9, 2012)

But really though, I did have a lot of good memories with this pass, from using it in the craziness of One More Disney Day to watching the 20th anniversary showing of Fantasmic. I did get to use my pass one more time yesterday when I went to Disney California Adventure with my mom and little brother, but now it has officially expired. It was fun going to Disneyland more times in one year than I did during all of my childhood, but now I have even more time to use the days I would have gone to Disneyland to explore other places. Plus, that money definitely could be going elsewhere.

It’s been a fun ride, but it’s time to create new memories!

And, just because, here’s a gallery of random pictures from Disneyland adventures this past year:


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