Taking Flight with Il Volo

After spending most of Thursday working an event at UCLA, I got a call from Rona wanting to know if I could make it to an Il Volo concert that she had won tickets for on a classical music radio station. Il Volo is an Italian operatic pop group comprised of three teenage singers and apparently they were having a performance in Los Angeles. I didn’t really know too much about the group beforehand, but I wound up going because I thought it would be another interesting experience of globalization. Also, it was free, which is always a plus.

The concert was at the Gibson Amphitheater and it was actually pretty packed with fans. When Il Volo finally got out on stage, the energy in the room rose a lot. I was joking with Rona that I was probably the darkest person there and I didn’t really find evidence to prove otherwise. They sang many songs in Italian and a few in English, but it was interesting that they sang a song in Spanish as well. An Italian group singing a Spanish song and performing in the United States? Globalization! In terms of the popular songs in English that they sang, such as Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” and “Maria” from West Side Story, they really did a great job and I liked how they were sprinkled throughout their set. During the last song, a good amount of their fans started to rush to the front of the stage as if they were teenage girls at a One Direction concert, though it seemed to me like a majority of people who went were adults over the age of 30. More power to them.

Anyway, Il Volo was pretty amazing and I am glad that I wound up going on this spontaneous adventure. I didn’t understand most of the songs, but that didn’t matter. Music transcends boundaries.

Check out Il Volo singing the song “Il Mondo” here:


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