Clue at the Nuart Theatre

Last week, Rona and I went to the Nuart Theatre to see a midnight screening of Clue, one of the best movies ever to be created. Honestly, I think I have watched Clue at least ten or so times, more than any other movie. It has a great cast, a fun script, and I just love the combination comedy/mystery genre that came out of the board game. The screening also included a shadow cast performance by the Sins O’ the Flesh, who typically act out The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday at midnight. A shadow cast is a group of people who acts out the movie like a play in front of the screen, lip synching the dialogue and using various props to try and recreate the scenes live. This was my first exposure to watching a shadow cast and it was a lot of fun.

Even though there were a lot of people in line when we drove by to find parking, Rona and I were able to get some seats near the front so that we could get a good view of what was happening. Apparently, the cast don’t get paid at all and everything is made possible through donations and a probable love for what they are doing, so we helped out before we left.

To make a long story short (TOO LATE!), it was just awesome seeing my favorite movie on a big screen with an audience that seemed to love the film just as much as Rona and I do. Rona brought her camera, so all the pictures in this post were taken by her. We definitely want to see Rocky Horror at midnight sometime soon and plan to go to the Clue shadow casts when they pop again in the future.

You can keep updated with future shows and happenings on the Sins O’ the Flesh Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Clue at the Nuart Theatre

    • Yeah, it was definitely enjoyable! My friend and I quote the movie pretty often too and it was fun saying them with the rest of the people in the audience.

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