AIDS Walk 2012

Ever since my senior year of high school, I’ve been going to the Los Angeles AIDS Walk, an annual fundraiser to help benefit AIDS service organizations like the AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). New York, San Francisco, and Wisconsin have their own walks as well, benefiting groups in their areas. This year, AIDS Walk LA was able to raise close to three million dollars and had over 30,000 participants walk the ten kilometer course through West Hollywood.

Along the course, which passes by a lot of interesting shops that I hope to be able to check out one day, there are stations that provide water, fruit, and other snacks to keep you going. There’s always people of all ages on the course, going at whatever pace they feel comfortable with. There are also the typical group of protestors, but it seems to me that they are dwindling considering that the first time I did the walk, there was a relatively large group of them, and in my last walk, I only spotted three.

Anyway, here are some assorted AIDS Walk pictures, some that I took last year and some that I took this year. It seems consistent enough that I feel like if you mixed pictures from all seven years I’ve gone, it would be really difficult to place them in their proper time period if there weren’t small clues hidden on pins and t-shirts.

The stage where the speakers open up the event.

The walk tends to get really crowded at points and sometimes lags.

Almost completing ten kilometers, or a little over six miles.

Reaching the finish line!

The certificate you get for completing the walk with the 2012 pin.

All the pins I collected from the last seven AIDS Walks.

Learn more about the AIDS Walk LA on the official website! The event happens every October.


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