Avast Ye Matey, It Be Halloween!

I don’t believe that you are ever too old to dress up for Halloween. It’s one of the best excuses to go out and pretend to be someone else for a day and we all should try to take advantage of it. This year, I went as the third most popular costume for adults in the United States: a pirate!

To a little bit more creative with my costume, I also made a few props including a small sword and a wearable boat. The sword was basic cardboard, aluminum foil, and yarn while the boat was made out of a stiff brown poster board and some construction paper. The flag on the boat was made out of a hardwood dowel and black and white felt. I think that props really make a generic costume much more interesting and I really wanted to have a creative project for Halloween. I actually did something similar two years ago, but I liked the end result much better this year.

Halloween 2012

Last Saturday, I went to a Peruvian Halloween party with my friends Harold, Rona, and Evelyn and I actually ended up winning a cocktail shaker in a costume contest using this costume, so people really do like creativity. Even on actual Halloween day, the little kid who went trick-or-treating at Rona’s house enjoyed the boat, so that’s a win.

According to the National Retail Federation, the top five Halloween costumes for adults consisted of witches, vampires, pirates, Batman characters, and zombies. For children, it was generic princesses, Batman, Spiderman, witches, and Disney princesses. Typically, the same costumes are popular each year, though it also changes based on current pop culture.

Halloween is really fun to celebrate and I already have ideas for what to dress up as next year. I love the holiday season!


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