DTLA Tour (Part 4) – Grand Central Market and Angels Flight

The field trip for my geography class was roughly seven hours long, so we needed to stop and find a place to get lunch at some point during the day. That place ended up being Grand Central Market, housed on the ground floor of the Homer Laughlin Building.

Since 1917, Grand Central Market has been one of the most popular places for Los Angeles residents to eat and shop. Your senses are stimulated as there are a ton of different sights, smells, tastes, and sounds to take in. After exploring the grounds for a while, I decided to order some tacos and Thai iced tea. There I am going multicultural.

Around ten minutes after sitting down at an empty table to enjoy my food, a woman came by and asked me if she could sit in the empty seat across from me to eat her lunch. Since I knew how hard it was to find a free spot to sit, I welcomed the company and we actually had a very nice chat. Her name was Teresa and she told me about how she emigrated from Colombia into the United States ten years ago. Usually, I am so tense about talking to strangers, but it was just so interesting hearing about her experiences. I feel like Grand Central Market is just a great place for opportunities like this to happen. It was just a short conversation over lunch, but I actually enjoyed it.

Our class met up again to move across the street to Angels Flight. Unlike Grand Central Market, I had been to Angels Flight before and taken the rail car up to the California Plaza. The original Angels Flight was half-a-block away from where it is now and connected Hill Street with Olive Street. The affluent denizens of Bunker Hill would take the rail cars down to Grand Central Market and back up to bring whatever groceries they bought back to their homes. Since we were already in the area, a few of us separated from the pack and visited the 500 Days of Summer bench. I swear, I’ve been to this bench so many times already but I don’t know if I have ever sat on it.

After meeting up as a group again, we started to head towards the last few stops of this field trip. One more post left in this series!

DTLA Tour Series:
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Part 2 – El Pueblo de Los Angeles
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Part 4 – Grand Central Market and Angels Flight
Part 5 – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and Chinatown


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