Celebrating the Year of the Snake

I haven’t written in a little over two months, but I am back! Work took over my life for a while, but I’ve been able to do some more exploring and am trying to commit to writing more. It’s good practice for this novel that I want to be able to put together eventually.

Anyway, there are a few thing that happened this month that I want to cover and I’ll get to those things soon enough, but today I want to focus on the Chinese New Year Festival in LA’s Chinatown. The Year of the Snake actually started last weekend, but public festivities with a bunch of food trucks, artisans, and performers took place this weekend. This year is pretty important because, well, I was born in the Year of the Snake! Yes, way back in 1989. That’s why I needed to celebrate! This won’t happen again until 2025!


I decided to go on a public transpo adventure, moving from the orange line, to the red line, and finally, to the gold line. It was my first time using the gold line and I looooove that I can just get a $5 all-day pass on my tap card and use it to explore this city.

CNY Parade Panda

CNY Parade Bunny

The 114th Annual Golden Dragon Parade took place on the day I went and it was pretty amusing. There were a lot of interesting things I noted, like how awkward the mayor was as he rode in his grand marshall car addressing the crowd and how marching bands stay hydrated during the march. It was hot and I dressed anticipating it to be a cold day. My favorite parts were when the dragon and lion dancers came out, and there were a good amount of them! I could have done without the religious extremists standing in the sidelines waving their posters and preaching that everyone is going to hell.

CNY Parade Dragon

CNY Lion

During the festival, I bought sweet potato fries from FrySmith and I helped fold a couple pieces of paper for this giant paper snake that they are trying to construct. I also bought a small, wooden snake since I wanted to come out of the day with at least some kind of Year of the Snake memorabilia. The place was full of confetti and I loved it when people shot the confetti in the air and you saw them float along the hanging lanterns. I wish I had great pictures of that, but alas, maybe another time.

CNY Festival

Next weekend, I’ll actually be back in Chinatown to do the Firecracker 5K. Should be fun!


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