Year of the 5K: The Color Run

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to complete three 5Ks within the year. I think I might have to bump that up to at least seven, since by the time February ends, I will have already finished two. I am planning on doing the Chinatown Firecracker 5K next week, but earlier this month, I went up to Dodgers Stadium to do The Color Run with my friend Evelyn.

Pre-Color Run

The Color Run is one of many 5Ks involving colored powder being thrown at different stations throughout the course, but I think it is the most popular. Evelyn and I left early enough that we got parking pretty easily and I am very glad that we did not have to pay to park because I would have been so disappointed to have to pay the normal price Dodgers Stadium charges for a space. There were a lot of people there, decked out in the white headbands and white t-shirts that came with registration. I wore a different, plain white t-shirt since I didn’t want to get color all over the one that I got to free, but I decided to rock the headband.


At least four of our friends were supposed to join us for the 9AM wave, but by the time they tried to sign up online, the 2PM wave was the only one left. After going, I realized it didn’t matter too much if they had signed up for 2PM and ran with us earlier as nobody seemed to be actively checking the wristbands to make sure that everyone was in the wave they were supposed to be. I guess it was just because there were so many people at the event. There were still waves starting long after we had finished the course.

The Color Run Duo
The Color Run Solo

It was a lot of fun going through the color stations and running the course in general, even though those hills were tiring. I’m not sure if the course was shorter than five kilometers or if I was just having so much fun, but I think I finished quicker than I actually anticipated and I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. I guess this would be the point where I confess that I am really not a fast runner and that I don’t have the best endurance in the world, but I just like the feeling of completing runs like these. Overall, it was a great and positive experience and anything that gets people out to enjoy doing some form of exercise is okay by me.


2 thoughts on “Year of the 5K: The Color Run

    • I think it would be a great thing to experience at least once in your life, especially if you want to run a 5K but don’t want to feel like you have to compete with others to finish. This run is all about having fun, which is why they don’t time it, and I can see why they call it the Happiest 5K on the Planet!

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