Los Angeles Times Travel Show 2013

The Los Angeles Times held its 15th Annual Travel Show this past weekend at the LA Convention Center and, since tickets to the event were pretty cheap, I had to go. Since I took the Metro red and expo lines to the convention center, I also got to knock off $3 on admission, paying an even $7. Oh, how I love my TAP card.

Travel Show Entrance

There were many exhibitors inside, separated into the different regions they were representing. One of the first booths I visited was Air Berlin, which gave visitors the opportunity to sign up to potentially win a free round trip flight between Los Angeles and Germany. Part of that process was folding your information sheet into a paper plane. There was also an added game where, if you threw your plane through a hole in a poster, you’d get free chocolate. I saw a good amount of people fail in front of me before I decided to give it a shot, but I actually got it into the hole! Everyone around me suddenly decided to be my friend, in case I won a trip and wanted to bring a random stranger with me, but I kept telling them that it was only for chocolate. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win the trip too.

Air Berlin

Both the Philippine and Korean tourism tables had free photo booths, so I had to do those. There was also a photo station for the LA Times Travel Show in general with underwater prop cutouts to use, so I took advantage of that as well. Ended the day with three pictures of myself to take home, so that was fun!

LATS Picture

Philippines Picture

Korea Picture

Honestly, I think all of the Asian countries’ booths stood out to me the most because there were a lot of them and because they had more fun things like people dressed in costumes or activities like the photo booth. At the Taiwan exhibit, which was right at the entrance of the hall because they were one of the show’s major sponsors, they had hourly shows and interactive events such as boba shaking competitions and lantern-making. I managed to be the last person to sign up to make a lantern advertising the Taiwan Lantern Festival and I’m glad that I got to do it! The lantern turned out really cool and it was also a snake, in honor of my year!

Snake Lantern

Taiwan Costume

Korea Costume

Other exhibitors that stood out to me were the MegaBus, which actually had one its buses there that you could go inside, and the San Diego Zoo. I signed up for as many raffles as I could find, but there really weren’t that many. I supposedly won two nights in Cabo from a machine, but the receipt said that I had to be at least 28 to redeem it so I gave my ticket to this lady who was extremely grateful.

San Diego Zoo

Going to this event really made me want to work harder to make sure that I do some traveling soon. It’s been such a long time since I got out of this country. It’s been too long.

P.S. LA Times, if you are reading this, I would love to write for your travel section! Just thought I should take a shot at making this request here since I have nothing to lose by doing so.


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