Chinese American Museum’s 12th Annual Lantern Festival

It’s March and I just got through with my first adventure of the month yesterday by taking a public transpo trip to the Chinese American Museum and their 12th Annual Lantern Festival. The plaza was full of arts and crafts booths that were fun to experience, but before I stopped by those, I decided to pop into the Chinese American Museum since I’ve only been inside once before.

CAM Lantern Festival

The Chinese American Museum is a great resource for learning about the history of Chinatown and I loved finding information about how the Chinese had to negotiate identity in order to adapt to their new surroundings in the United States. That has to do with globalization! There are really only three main exhibit room, but there is a lot to see and the visuals are just so fascinating.

Chinese American Museum

CAM Room

After roaming the museum, I headed back to the booths because I love doing arts and crafts and had to get in on these activities. There were stations for lantern making, pop-up cards, origami, and more, but I passed up those booths for paper cutting, calligraphy, and red envelope making. It’s so great to have some kind of interactive experience at festivals and be able to keep what you made as a souvenir of your day.

Paper Cutting


Red Envelope

The Pico House was also open with more stations and exhibits including a wish station where you could receive a fortune. I threw a coin into the prosperity and promotion bucket, but my fortune ended up having to do with long life. I was so disappointed.


Lantern Man

I was actually at the festival for a while and snacked on food from Fluff Ice, Mr Churro, and Kogi Truck. Night finally fell and I watched the Chinese puppet show and some other performances before realizing that the lanterns didn’t actually have lights in them and deciding to go home.

Fluff Ice

CAM Lantern Festival Night

I’ve gotten a big dose of Chinese American culture over the past few weeks, but I think this is the last major event that I know of for a while. I’m still trying to figure out what else I’m doing this month, so if you have any ideas, let me know!


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