Blood, Sweat, and No Tears at the Mud Factor

I finally got to experience my first mud run! Yes, Astrid and I did the Mud Factor in San Bernardino last Saturday and I wound up with muddy clothes, bloody scratches, and a pretty nifty medal featuring the Mud Factor’s bandana.


Before doing the run, I was a little cautious about what the experience would be like. It was a pretty hot day, even though we were signed up for the second wave time at 9:30, and it looked like people were really getting more wet than muddy. During the first five or ten minutes of the run, people were so packed together through the narrow paths that at times it looked like we were just doing a large group hike. Things eventually spread out a bit better throughout the course, but the obstacles were definitely where people tended to lag and clump together.

MudFactorAstrid MudFactorAlvin

Speaking of the obstacles, I didn’t have to skip any of them! They included giant tires, various watery tunnels of different sizes, a cargo net, a rope climb, a slip n’ slide, some slopes, and a wire crawl. There were a few more, but those were the ones that stood out to me at the time of writing. I got my first bloody scratches of the run at one of the slopes that you had to slide down on. I stopped on the way down to avoid hitting a lady in front of me, and as I was mentioning how lucky that was to Astrid, another person slid into me like a bowling ball and I ended up knocking over the lady anyway. I am not sure where the other bloodshed came from, but you should know that I have band-aids on both my palms and both my knees.

MudFactorDirty1 MudFactorDirty2

The wire crawl was another notable obstacle in that it was probably the hardest one to get through. First of all, it was really gravelly, and I imagine it’s what it would feel like to move through wet cement. It didn’t help that this was after both my hands were scratched up. It was definitely the muddiest that I got through the whole course though and I just felt so accomplished getting through it.

Here are some pictures taken by Astrid, who bravely hung on to her phone throughout the course!




At the end, I received my medal and a couple of high fives for completing this challenge. I don’t really believe that this thing was a 5K since there was a 2-mile marker pretty close to the end, but that’s okay. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but I really think that they should try to avoid really narrow paths when they can (tunnels are understandably tight, but I didn’t like that the beginning was just a thin trail) and they need to make that wire crawl less gravelly.


First mud run, and probably not my last, but dang, I need to figure out how to clean these running shoes.


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