On the Right Track to Better Rails and Liners

Metro released a new “under construction” map a month ago and I have been meaning to write about it, but as I think I have said pretty often on this blog, better late than never, right? Okay, I just did a quick search and I have actually never used that phrase before on this site.

Anyway, I digress.

Public transportation in Los Angeles tends to elicit negative reactions, but it really isn’t that bad! Sure, our rail system may not be as extensive as in places such as London, New York, or Shanghai, but it is still a great way to avoid the hassle of driving on the freeway towards downtown and then having to deal with parking, confusing streets, and other drivers. If you have followed a few of my posts, you might know that I love taking the Metro Red Line when I go exploring. Of course, even then, I choose to drive to and park at the North Hollywood Station rather than brave the Orange Line all the way there.

The current Metro map. Click to enlarge!

The current Metro map. Click to enlarge!

There are currently six rail lines (Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, and Expo) and two liner lines (Orange and Silver) under Metro in Los Angeles. Together, these lines cover areas within the San Fernando Valley, Culver City, South Bay, Long Beach, Downtown, Pasadena, Koreatown, and East LA. Still, there are some major destinations such as Westwood and Santa Monica that don’t have a station close enough to take advantage of this system.

That’s where this updated map comes in.

The new "under construction" map. Click to enlarge!

The new “under construction” map. Click to enlarge!

Among other changes that are planned for the future are extensions to both the Purple and Expo lines, with stations at Westwood/UCLA and Downtown Santa Monica. Ugh, I would have loved having a rail station at UCLA when I still lived in that area since it would have made access to the city much easier without using a car. Yes, there is a bus system that can also take you places, but rails and liners are much faster and easier to navigate as long as your stop is within walking distance of a station.

The extension of the Expo Line to Santa Monica is already under construction with an expected opening in 2015 while the extension of the Purple Line through Wilshire and Westwood is still in its pre-construction stage. The UCLA/Westwood station is not even expected to be operating until 2035. The Expo Line is a light rail system while the Purple Line is a heavy rail subway system, so you can probably see why the expected completion dates are so far apart. Still, it is exciting to see more improvements to Los Angeles’ Metro lines and hopefully it will encourage more residents to learn more about this city in the future.

You can do so much exploring with a $5 all-day Metro pass. Grab your TAP Card and let’s go!


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