L.A. Works Day of Service 2013

Two weekends ago, I participated in the L.A. Works Day of Service as a volunteer leader for the service crawl, which saw teams of volunteers competing to move from one location to the next while providing their time and effort to complete various tasks and earn points which would be tallied up at the finish line. As a volunteer leader, I was placed at the LAPD parking garage with one other person. We had to welcome the teams that arrived, assign them the task of cleaning up the trash on a certain section of the parking lot, hand out point stickers to individuals and teams who had been doing a great job, and give clues to the next destination.





It was actually pretty tiring and stressful since there were times when we had teams on three different garage levels at once. Constantly moving around from one floor to the next is not the business. Still, I’m so happy that I got to volunteer again. It made me wonder why I don’t really do it that often. Well, part of the reason is that since I have work on the weekdays, my time is much more limited, but I feel like I’ve gotten bit by the volunteering bug. I don’t think I have the time to contribute towards consistent volunteering, but I’ve been trying to find more single day events to volunteer for. Volunteering lets you meet new people and participate in shared and rewarding experiences. I like that.



Anyway, I did get this nice view of some buildings from the top of the parking garage. Again, I love Los Angeles.


For a list of some volunteer opportunities in the city, check out the L.A. Works website.


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