Let the Water Balloons Fall

Two weeks ago, I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to get together with some random strangers for a water balloon fight in a park near where I live. All I had to do was wear either blue or yellow and come prepared with forty filled water balloons.


Finding water balloons in the middle of October was kind of an ordeal since both Target and CVS only had them in stock for the summer. I finally found a pack at the 99 cents store and spent the next hour rushing to fill up the balloons and get to the park on time. I eventually found some others who were there for the water balloon fight and after a bit of a wait, we found the event organizer and moved to a large plot of land that was marked out with borders for the game.


There were far more people wearing blue than yellow, so some people had to move over to the other side, but I stuck with the blue team. There was a vote on whether we wanted to start with a water balloon toss, but most people weren’t feeling it and that idea was scrapped for capture the flag.



Okay, so this game was kinda intense and I still have battle scars healing from it. We each had our own sides with the other team’s flags and needed to use the water balloons to hit our enemies. I haven’t played capture the flag in years and it didn’t start out so well since yellow scored the first point. Even though yellow ended up having more people and looked like they had more of a game plan, blue eventually scored a few points and we won 4-2 or something. 4-3? Either way, we won and it was glorious.

I met this interesting fellow named Shark afterwards who took a bunch of great pictures throughout the day. Those pictures were uploaded by the event organizer to the meet-up group and they are also on Shark’s website so you should check ’em out. Look at me making this epic fall with the flag and passing it on to my teammate who took it back to our side. Also the moment were I scratched up my knee, but I guess you gotta make some sacrifices.





Since half of our balloons that we brought were allocated to and used up in the capture the flag game, the other half was brought to the center of the field for a free-for-all. Tip of the day: Don’t use regular balloons as water balloons because they can hurt and don’t break as easily! I’m just lucky I didn’t get a headshot from one of those. Of course, there was a mess of rubber in the aftermath, but we all spent time cleaning up because it would have been awful to just leave the park looking like a balloon graveyard.



There’s also a really cool video that someone put together of the day that you should check out:

So my first meet-up was a win. I usually go on adventures by myself or with some friends, but it was cool interacting with so many strangers. Definitely challenged by introverted self a bit, but I don’t mind doing things like this once in a while. There are quite a lot of interesting people out there with interesting stories and I think it’s nice to have some events like this that bring strangers together to have fun through a shared experience.


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