All You Need is LOVE

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – The End by The Beatles

When Rona won the tickets to the Life is Beautiful Festival, it included a two night stay at Planet Hollywood for the weekend. I’ve never stayed in that hotel before, but the rooms are really interesting since apparently, each has its own theme. Ours was Batman. No, not the more recent Dark Knight trilogy. We got Batman Returns, and a little bit of Batman Forever for some reason. Every bathroom needs a picture of Danny Devito as the Penguin standing next to a giant rubber duck, right?






On the way to Vegas, Rona and I had talked about seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, but the prices online were pretty expensive. We still really wanted to see a show, so once we had checked into our room, Rona decided to just call some of the box offices to see if there were any cheaper tickets. There actually was! On, tickets to the Beatles LOVE were all over $120 (fees not included), but the box office sold us some tickets for less than $100 each. We decided to go for a 9:30 PM show and got all ready for the night out.

LOVE is located at The Mirage and it has a really colorful entrance leading to the theater lobby. It’s such a great space for photos and we definitely spent quite a bit of time taking pictures after the show had ended. Anyway, after picking up our tickets, we found our assigned seats and waited for everything to start.





The only other Cirque show that I have seen was Iris at the Kodak Theater. I thought that show was really great and am still kind of disappointed that it ended its run due to low ticket sales. It had a nice story and fantastic performances. LOVE also had fantastic performances and great music, but I honestly couldn’t follow the story, if there was even any actual story to follow. Rona asked me whether I liked Iris or LOVE more, but they are different enough that it was hard for me to really compare since I did like them both a lot, for different reasons. I would definitely recommend seeing LOVE since there were definitely parts where I was on the edge of my seat and freaking out that something might go wrong with a stunt. Of course, nothing did, and that should be a testament of how great these performers are. Seriously, that roller blading portion gave me so much anxiety.

We hit the gift shop afterwards for some souvenirs, but they don’t have too many things specific to the actual show. There’s mostly generic Beatles merchandise, but people were definitely stocking up on things to take home with them. Everything was so much more expensive than they should have been. I just got a Beatles lapel pin to add to my collection, but I wish they had one more specific to LOVE. Iris had its own lapel pin that I still think looks really interesting. Oh well.


By the time we left the gift shop, the crowd had cleared out, giving us space to take more pictures.




We stuck around in The Mirage for a bit to gamble and I won over thirty bucks from the penny slots, so I quit while I was ahead and took that cashed out. I actually think that over the course of the whole weekend, I won more than I lost, which is a first. Still, even with the free hotel and festival admission, this weekend was hella expensive.


After a walk back to our hotel, we decided to just call it a night so we could save our energy for the actual festival, but we’ll talk more about that in the next post!


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