Life is Beautiful Festival 2013 (Day 2)

If you like reading posts in sequential order, then I recommend going through Day 1 first, if you haven’t already. If you already read about Day 1 or if you haven’t gone through that post and just want to screw convention, read on.

Because we chose to have our hotel room booked for Friday and Saturday night, we had to check out Sunday morning. After putting our luggage back in the car, Rona and I decided to go eat at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant BurGR. I got the Euro Burger and Rona and I shared a banana and butterscotch pudding milkshake. Delicious. Oh, I am totally craving that milkshake now. Service was great and they even said you could keep the menu, which was a nice touch.





We went back up to the London Lounge where we caught an interview with the group Haim, but since Rona was starting a new job the following Monday and wanted to be back home in time to get enough rest for work, we left after the interview and meet-and-greet so that I could drop Rona off at the bus depot.


Rather than go straight to the festival, I went back alone to Planet Hollywood since there were two more appearances in the lounge that I really wanted to see, the first of which being Passion Pit. Michael Angelakos, the lead singer, came by to perform with his guitar. I like the song “Take A Walk” when I hear it on the radio, but I love it when Michael strips the music down and does the acoustic version. It’s so charged with emotion and if you think about the lyrics, it really is a sad song. The first time I heard the acoustic version was from a video from Passion Pit’s Alt 98.7 penthouse performance and I still love listening to it.


The final guest of the day was Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers. It was so exciting when Rona and I found out that there was a chance he was going to appear and it was even more exciting when the staff at the lounge actually confirmed it. Brandon didn’t perform, but he did do a great interview with Kade.


I met up with Cindy and Junior again and we decided to just head to the festival together. Cindy drove her car and we found parking for $5 a few blocks from the entrance, which is why I don’t think the park-and-ride pass that the festival advertised is worth it. $5 for the night! Again, we didn’t go straight to the festival right away and decided to check out Fremont Street Experience. I had never been there before and it’s kind of interesting. It wasn’t dark yet, but I feel like it would be more fun to go at night when all the neon signs are glowing.



Cindy and Junior decided to go eat at one of the casinos while I headed to the festival on my own to catch Passion Pit perform on the Downtown Stage. It was fun knowing that a few hours prior, Michael from Passion Pit performed a few feet from me to a small group and now here he was again performing to a large crowd. It was such a fun and energetic concert and afterwards, I decided to begin my mission to the merchandise booth to get some festival swag. When I say it was a mission, I really mean that it was a mission. I guess you could have also called it an ordeal.




I first went to the merch booth closest to the Downtown stage but there was a huge line. When I finally made it to the front, I was told that the shirt I wanted had run out in smalls and that the smallest size left were mediums. I decided to leave and check out the farther merch booth within the Culinary Village. When I got there, one of the people working the booth mentioned to everyone that the smallest sizes they had in all the shirts were XLs and 2XLs. I felt so stupid for not just getting the medium shirt, so I went back to the first merch booth I went to only to find out they were now out of those too.

Man, I did so much walking and I had nothing to show for it. I decided that I’d just buy a festival poster and decided that I would go back to the farther merch booth AGAIN since the line was much shorter. When I got there, surprise, the person working the booth announced to the people waiting in line that they had some smalls, XLs, and 2XLs for the tees. I automatically asked for a small and lo and behold, it really was a small. I bought the poster too and I felt like I had found the holy grail or something. Note to self: In the future, just buy souvenirs on the first day of the festival before they sell out.


There were 3D glasses hanging across the street from this mural which you could use to get another perspective on this piece. It was really creative and it worked!

I got back to the Downtown stage in time to see Vampire Weekend perform and I really enjoyed it. Like Passion Pit, the concert was just a lot of fun. Since I have their self-titled album, I was familiar with a good amount of the songs they performed and like I mentioned in the Day 1 post, it’s fun singing along with the crowd.



When the concert ended, I met up with Cindy and Junior again. We walked around for a bit and decided to just head back to the Downtown Stage to wait for The Killers to end the night. It’s totally fitting to have The Killers headline the last night of the festival in their hometown of Las Vegas. I used to listen to the album Hot Fuss a lot back in high school and I still feel slightly nostalgic every time I hear those songs. It’s crazy that there’s already a greatest hits album out and that the band has been going at it for over a decade.

What can I really say about the concert? It was amazing. This was my first time seeing The Killers perform live and I wish I had taken more opportunities to see them over the years. They even shot out lightning-bolt shaped confetti. The whole thing was just, for lack of a better word (or for laziness to look for one), epic.




The night ended, we drove back to the hotel, and I drove back home.



Remind me to photoshop Rona in this picture.

The Life is Beautiful Festival was the first music festival that I ever attended and it just makes me happy thinking that I was actually there. When I first heard about the festival, I had wanted to go, but didn’t know if I would have the money to actually do so. Honestly, Rona and I were just lucky we won the free hotel and admission. I knew that if I didn’t go, I would regret it, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I was there. I was there for the first ever Life is Beautiful Festival. And it was awesome.


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