Year of the 5K: Mustache Dache

Theodore Roosevelt. Albert Einstein. Salvador Dali. Mario. What do all of these men have in common? Mustaches. Oh, I guess they are all important players in world history, but no, the correct answer is mustaches.

It’s November, which means it is also Movember, a month-long event which raises awareness of male health issues such as both prostate and testicular cancer. Part of the campaign involves growing a mustache throughout the month, but there are also quite a bit of mustache-related throughout the world. Evelyn and I decided to do the Mustache Dache, a 5K whose proceeds go to supporting the Movember Foundation. On race morning, we donned our mustaches, drove to the parking structure downtown, and got shuttle to the starting line.


Our mustaches were just stickers that I got from a $1 pack at Target. Evelyn said hers fell off while she was running, but the one I was wearing was surprisingly durable and lasted the whole day. Maybe I just didn’t sweat that much?

We got to the race site early enough to have some time to explore for a bit. There was a booth advertising the upcoming Turkey Trot Los Angeles that Evelyn, Rona, and I will be doing next week. There was also the Made Man Movember Mo’asis, which included a photobooth station where Evelyn and I took a picture together and got copies printed out for free.




Since it was nearing 9AM, we grouped up with the rest of the runners to wait for the start of the race. The Oscar Meyer wienermobile kicked things off for some reason, and it was kind of amusing watching everyone run after the moving hot dog before it finally veered off and parked to the side of the course. Running,  jogging, walking, jogging, walking, more walking. Man, I really need to start running again.




When I finally reached the finish line, for some reason the timer said I completed the 5K in around 33 minutes. I know that could not have been possibly been right. I don’t think the course was a full five kilometers at all, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me. Everyone who finished received a nifty medal in the shape of — what else — a mustache.



After a short rest, Evelyn and I headed back to the shuttle and went home. I think this makes eight 5Ks done this year, which is probably already past the original goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I still have the Turkey Trot this month and possibly one more race to go in December.

I wish I could tell you more, but I mustache!



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