Year of the 5K: Turkey Trot Los Angeles

Early on Thanksgiving morning, I made my way downtown via the Metro red line to the inaugural Turkey Trot Los Angeles, which was set to kick off by Grand Park and City Hall. Yep, I decided to run a little over three miles before gorging myself with Thanksgiving sustenance. Evelyn was signed up to do the 5K too, so we met up and headed for the start line.


Naturally, there were people donning turkey hats and wearing turkey costumes, but the real highlight of the run was the course. The run snaked around through the streets of downtown, past the Walt Disney Concert Hall and several of LA’s other historic buildings. It didn’t rain as expected, so it was also a nice, cool morning to do some exercise. There were some hills in the beginning, but the streets were pretty much flat for the last stretch of the course.







After getting my finisher’s medal and meeting up with Evelyn again, we decided to take some pictures to commemorate our victory. We even found an inflatable turkey friend to pose with. He looked a little reluctant, but he doesn’t have to look so worried. I don’t usually eat turkey in general.



So there we go. Two 5Ks done in November and one more planned for December. I’m already planning ahead for 2014, but let’s finish this year strong!


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