I’m on a Boat! (Part 3): A Day at Sea

After going crazy doing two excursions in Ensenada, I finally had some time to have a more relaxing day during Carnival’s day at sea. No ports, no getting off the ship, no excursions to wear you out. It was pretty cool.


One of the first things I did in the morning was attend a towel animal workshop where we learned how to fold a towel elephant and a towel dog. It was a lot of fun and whoever made up these designs must have been really creative and had a lot of imagination. I ended up buying a book on Carnival Animal Creations. I don’t think I’m going to start making towel animals left and right, but it is a fun book to flip through and a unique souvenir from the ship.





The towel animal demonstration also included a puppet show featuring…yep, towel animals. It was pretty funny for what you would expect and it seemed like the kids who were there enjoyed it a lot. Even after the workshop and show had ended, I stayed in the room so that I could play some bingo! Yeahhh, I didn’t win.



For some reason, I can’t really remember much of what I did between then and dinner. Oh, that’s right. I spent a lot of time reading Mockingjay and wandering around the ship for different good spots to read.


For dinner, I had a delicious roasted pumpkin soup, followed by some kind of seafood pasta and a slice of cheesecake. Since it was the last dining room dinner for us on the cruise, the waiters and waitresses all came out and sang goodbye to all of us and then proceeded to dance to Gangnam Style. Really. We also had one of the magicians stop by our table to do a couple tricks with us.






More exploring ensued after dinner. I saw the Motown Show again, this time with my mom and brother. We stopped by the gift shop and I have to say that Carnival’s stuffed animal creature, “Fun Ship Freddy”, looks a tad bit unsettling, especially when there is a pack of them staring into your soul. Their design is based on the ship “tail”, but they look like some kind of twisted rabbit. Nightmare material?



There was a sting ray towel animal when we returned. Awesome.


The ship made it back to Long Beach early Friday morning, but we chose the late departure option where they picked up our luggage the night before so it would just be waiting for us off the ship. No hassle of having to drag all our stuff off and we were able to enjoy breakfast without feeling rushed. Eventually, we did make it off the ship and it was nice to be back on dry land.




So yeah, my first cruise experience was better than I thought it would be and it was a lot more fun than I had expected when I first set foot on the ship. It was tiring and I needed a vacation from that vacation, but I am glad that I experienced cruise life. I’m not sure when I may be cruising again, but now I know I can handle it. Definitely a bon voyage.

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