Ten Years of The Everglow: Mae at the El Rey

On May 28, I joined a couple of my friends to see Mae celebrate the tenth anniversary of their album, The Everglow, at the El Rey. The band name comes from the term “multi-sensory aesthetic experience” and that’s a good way to describe the concert since the stage lights, the music, and the tinge of nostalgia all melded together to create one big feels trip.


I don’t even remember how I got into Mae. The Everglow came out in spring of 2005, so I was in the latter half of my sophomore year in high school. I just know that the songs appealed to my emo/angsty self and I got my friend Saba, who came with me to the anniversary concert, into the band as well.



The song that I was obsessed with the most was “The Ocean” and I may or may not have listened to that song countless times while depressingly crushing on someone. I mean, look at these lyrics:

You come over unannounced
Silence broken by your voice in the dark
I need you here tonight just like the ocean needs the waves
Fall around me now
Like stars that shine and brighten the way
I need you here tonight just like this night it needs the rain

Other songs that I’m especially partial to are “Ready and Waiting to Fall” and “The Everglow”:

Like how tenth anniversary album tours should be, the band went through the whole album of songs in order from start to finish.




After closing out the album, they came out for an encore featuring songs from their other albums. I also managed to get a copy of the set list after asking one of the security people hanging in front of the stage, so that was a nice cap to the night.

This was the third tenth anniversary concert that I’ve attended for an album that I listened to in high school (the other two being Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue and Relient K’s MMHMM) and I can’t believe that it has already been a decade since these CDs came out. I’ve definitely changed as a person over time, but my music taste has generally stayed the same.


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