EuroTrippin’: London (Part 4) – Baker Street

I was actually originally planning to go to the London Transport Museum after the British Museum, but I felt like I wouldn’t really have enough time so I instead headed back towards my hostel to check out Baker Street, where famous detective Sherlock Holmes was written to have lived. The street is easily accessible through the Baker Street tube station, where you can also see several images depicting scenes from various Sherlock Holmes stories. There’s also some other Sherlock-themed embellishments as well.



Outside the station is a pretty massive sculpture of Sherlock with his pipe and deerstalker cap.


While I love the BBC’s Sherlock series and CBS’ Elementary (I also did enjoy the first Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr, though I haven’t seen its sequels), I have never read a Sherlock Holmes book so I don’t get too many references to the actual stories. There is a Sherlock Holmes Museum on 221b Baker Street, the address where Sherlock Holmes lived, but I didn’t end up going in as it is basically set up showcasing some scenes from the stories which I didn’t think I would have been able to appreciate as much as I would have if I was more familiar with the novels. The admission for an adult is also £15 (~$23.16 USD), which is pretty expensive and the reviews weren’t that great to begin with.


I did check out the gift shop for a little bit though I didn’t buy anything. They do have some BBC Sherlock merchandise there if you are interested. Since there was nothing left for me to do there, I decided to spend my time at another one of London’s free museums – the National Gallery.

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2 thoughts on “EuroTrippin’: London (Part 4) – Baker Street

  1. I really want to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum but £15 is expensive when most museums in London are free and it’s so much smaller!

    • Right?! I did stand around in the gift shop for quite a while debating whether or not I should buy a ticket, but I eventually ruled against it. I can’t say that I regret my decision at all. That money could go to buying a series of BBC’s Sherlock on DVD or a nice set of Sherlock Holmes novels to read instead!

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