EuroTrippin’: London (Part 9) – Hyde Park and Harrods

I was originally thinking about using my Sunday to go on a full day trip outside of London to Stonehenge and Bath, but the decision to go on the Camden Pub Crawl the night before kind of threw a wrench in that plan as I really did not want to wake up as early as I would have needed to in order to catch the coach bus out of the city. Instead, I just opted for booking an afternoon trip to Stonehenge only, which meant that I had some time in the morning to relax a bit before leaving.

Since the coach bus was going to leave from Victoria Coach Station, I decided to go to Harrods and Hyde Park since they were only a few tube stops away. Harrods was actually still closed when I stopped by in the morning, so I decided to buy some lunch and take it to Hyde Park to enjoy.


Hyde Park was originally acquired by King Henry VIII in 1536 so that he could hunt deer. It wasn’t until 1637 that King Charles I opened the park to the public. Other interesting dates that I gathered from the “quick history” section on one of the information boards in the park:

  • 1690s – 300 oil lamps are installed in Rotten Row, the country’s first artificially-lit road
  • 1730s – The Serpentine lake is created for Queen Caroline
  • 1851 – The Great Exhibition was held at the temporary Crystal Palace


I chose a bench by the lake to eat my lunch and it was pretty peaceful just spending a nice morning in the park. After eating, I just walked around for a bit before heading back to Harrods to see what all the fuss was about.




Harrods is huge. And expensive.



I knew that I probably wasn’t going to buy anything, but I still wanted to look at certain rooms, including the one with all the teas, coffees, and chocolates.



I also went to the toy room, where they had a replica of the store made out of Legos, and the general Harrods souvenirs room, where I took a picture with the most adorable beefeater and royal guard in London.




There was also this art gallery-ish room where you could purchase works by artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali.





I could have spent more time exploring a department store, but there were rocks that needed to be seen. Off to Stonehenge!

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