EuroTrippin’: Paris (Part 1) – Bienvenue à Paris

I took French for three years in high school, but I don’t remember a lot. I can hold a basic conversation, but I don’t really know how to use different tenses. In London, I didn’t have to deal with a language barrier, so I was a little apprehensive about how I would do in Paris, but it turned out that I was able to get by pretty well.

My flight to Paris from Luton was in the late afternoon, so I didn’t have to rush too much in the morning. I did have to check out of my hostel and take a National Express bus to the airport so that I had enough time to make my flight. I also wanted to send some postcards, but luckily my hostel sold stamps and there was a mailbox nearby.



I had originally planned on traveling by train, but by the time I started looking for tickets, the price had gotten a lot more expensive than it could have been. I guess that’s the downside of not having everything planned out before you start a trip. You get flexibility, but you don’t get the cheapest travel prices.


From Luton, I flew to Charles de Gaulle and took the RER to Gare du Nord, the station closest to my hostel. The tickets for Paris’ train and subway system are tiny!


I was staying at St. Christopher’s Inn for six nights. It was already dark and rainy when I arrived at Gare du Nord. Since I didn’t know where my hostel was yet, I didn’t want to pull out my phone and start taking pictures, so alas, all the pictures here are taken from different days (it only rained that first night).




St. Christopher’s Inn was pretty different from my hostel in London. There were several floors with a mix of singles and dorms. The beds in the dorms also had curtains on them though, so that was great. Another plus was that each bed had its own light, outlet, and even a shelf to keep things on.



There were three people in my room talking when I came in. One of the girls had her luggage out, so I asked her if she was just coming in too. It turned out that she was leaving. I asked her how long she was in Paris and she said seven days and that it was “too long for Paris”. I wasn’t planning on staying that long, but that didn’t sound very good.

I decided to just spend the rest of the night up in my bunk, planning out how I would spend the next couple of days, based on when things were open or not. There were a couple different schedules that I had in mind, based on possible day trips as well. Would I go see Versailles, spend a day at Disneyland, or both? Decisions, decisions. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Next Post: EuroTrippin’: Paris (Part 2) – Notre Dame


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