EuroTrippin’: Paris (Part 14) – Walking Along the Seine

Since my flight out of Paris wasn’t until the late afternoon, I had a couple free hours in the morning to enjoy before I needed to head to the airport. After getting a light breakfast, I stopped by the post office across the street to send these somewhat kitsch yet cute postcards that I had gotten in Montmartre. Then, it was back to my hostel to finish packing and check out. Rather than leave my backpack at the hostel and have to return for it later, I decided to just take it with me so that I could go straight to the airport when it was time.


I could have gone to another museum, but I just wanted to use the time that I had left in Paris to get a nice (yet affordable) lunch and relax a bit before leaving. After searching through Yelp for some possible options, I chose to go to a place called Galette Café.


A galette (or a Breton galette, to be more precise) is kind of similar to a pancake or crêpe, though it is made of buckwheat flour and usually contains more savory fillings. I got one with beachwood smoked bacon, emmental cheese, and tomato sauce. I also got a bottle of Pschitt, a French lemonade drink with an onomatopoeic name.



Lunch was great and the cafe itself was a nice place to eat. I would definitely go there again next time I’m in Paris to try out some of their other dishes. Writing this paragraph is making me really hungry right now actually.

Anyway, since the Seine was nearby, I thought it would be a good idea to just go for a leisurely walk by the banks of the river since I didn’t really get a chance to do that yet. Well, it wasn’t completely leisurely since I was lugging around my 15-ish pound backpack with me, but it was still okay.



I sat by the edge of the river to take a break from walking and reflect a little on my time in Paris. I had gone up the Eiffel Tower and down to the Catacombs. I saw masterpieces from artists that I learned about while growing up. I even went to see Mickey Mouse. I did a lot while I was in this city and it was time to continue that adventuring elsewhere.


I walked a little more and came across another one of those bridges that were decorated with those cliche symbols of people’s everlasting affection. I even found this huge bike lock hanging among the crowd. Now that’s love. It was really amusing at the time and I saw others getting a good laugh out of it.


The stretch of the river that I walked by wasn’t really that long and, like I mentioned in my post about the Seine River Cruise, I would love to take a longer walk by the Seine next time I’m in the city.

After checking my phone, I realized that it was time to get on the metro and make my way to Orly. Off to Milan!

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