EuroTrippin’: Barcelona (Part 1) – Benvinguts a Barcelona

The journey to catch my plane from Milan to Barcelona was such a struggle that I didn’t even think to take any pictures on the way. I’m gonna tell the story anyway. Keep in mind that my flight was scheduled for 7:45 PM, but my ticket said the gate closed at 7:15 PM.

I had originally planned on leaving the World Expo by 3:30 PM, but I decided to push the limit to 4 PM since I figured that I would still have enough time. WRONG. I left Eataly at 4 PM after rushing to finish my pasta, but I didn’t factor in the 10-15 minutes it would take to get back to the entrance of the main expo site and the 5-10 minutes it would take to get from there back to the Rho Fiera metro station.

By the time I got on the subway, it was already close to 4:30 PM and I didn’t get to the station closest to my hostel until 5 PM. That was actually okay since I had estimated that I needed to leave the hostel at 5 PM and I ended up being only ten minutes behind. I took the subway from the hostel to the train station and I was actually doing okay. It was around 5:30 PM when I got to the train station, so I expected be at the airport at around 6 PM or so. WRONG AGAIN.

Even though I got to the train station at 5:30 PM, I JUST missed out on a train heading to the airport and the one that I boarded wasn’t set to leave until 5:58 PM. That gave me a lot of anxiety and I was just hoping that the train would leave earlier than scheduled. Of course, it left on time.

It was around 6:40 PM when I actually got to the airport and I figured that I could just run to the security line, get through it, and run to my gate. WRONG! The subway ends at Terminal 1 of Milan-Malpensa Airport and my flight was leaving from Terminal 2. Okay, that’s fine. At LAX, all the terminals are connected. 2 is the number right after 1, so it should be nearby. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Stupidly enough, the two terminals are not connected to each other and are incredibly far apart. There was a free shuttle between terminals, but it hadn’t arrived yet and I was considering taking a taxi, but I didn’t end up finding one. Resigned, I just decided that I needed to wait for the shuttle to arrive. By then it was already 6:50 PM.

The shuttle made a couple stops and eventually got to Terminal 2 at 7:00 PM, giving me fifteen minutes to get to the gate while still having to go through security. Security actually went by really quickly and I managed to reach the gate by 7:10 PM and…they hadn’t even started boarding the damn thing yet. I don’t think we even got on until around 7:30 PM. I was so relieved.

I was so good about getting to my other flights in Europe early enough, but this one was almost a disaster. Well, it still kind of was. When I boarded the plane, a flight attendant greeted me with “buona sera”, Italian for “good evening”. I was so out of it that I replied with “gracias”, SPANISH for “thank you”. She made a comment about that to another flight attendant and I was so embarrassed that I tried to hide my face from her the whole flight.

FINALLY, we touched down in Spain and I was just glad I made it in one piece. I took the Aerobus from the airport to Plaça d’Espanya and, from there, I took the metro to Urquinaona, a station close to my hostel. I was staying in an 8-bed room at the Black Swan and I was so happy to finally check in and lie down.

I was in Barcelona. Little did I know that this would turn out to be my favorite city of the trip.

Next Post: EuroTrippin’: Barcelona (Part 2) – Discoveries in the Gothic Quarter


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