EuroTrippin’: Barcelona (Part 9) – Wandering

This post is going to be a little different from other ones since there isn’t really a central location that I am focusing on. After visiting Casa Battló, the rest of the day was a little all over the place, with me hopping from one place to the next. I first made a quick stop at the nearby Casa Milá, another one of Antoni Gaudí’s creations, but I didn’t go inside. I’ll just have to do it next time.


Afterwards, I just started walking down the street and ended up turning the corner and finding a gelato place. There were a lot of your typical flavors, but I wanted to try something that would be harder to find back home. I ended up getting a scoop of crema catalana, which I just found out is the Catalan version of crème brûlée. I was very happy with this decision.




I went back to the Gothic Quarter so that I could go inside the Catedral de Barcelona since there is free entry after 5:45 PM. Really, I was there to see the thirteen geese that is kept there in honor of the story of Saint Eulalia, but the inside was pretty nice too.





For dinner, I wanted to get some paella since I still hadn’t had any in Spain. I looked up different places that were walking distance from my hostel on Yelp and chose a restaurant called El Viejo Pop. There, I ordered a seafood paella and a glass of sangria.


Both were delicious, but I definitely had a harder time finding my way back to the hostel afterwards since it was dark and I was a little inebriated. I thought I could take a shortcut through an alleyway, but it ended up looking like a giant maze, so I backtracked and eventually made my way out. Once I figured out how to get to the Arc de Triomf, the trek to the hostel became much easier.

Like I said, this post was a little all over the place, but that’s just life, I suppose.

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