EuroTrippin’: Madrid (Part 5) – OK Hostel Madrid KO Bar Crawl

My roommates had finally arrived at the hostel and they were a group of five from Malta who came to Madrid to celebrate a birthday. It was a little weird at first for me to be the one other person in our room, but they were really cool and I ate with them and the friends I had made earlier during the hostel dinner that night. The food was good (salad, chicken, and dessert) and we also had a couple glasses of the free beer and vino tinto.




When you sign up for dinner at OK Hostel Madrid, you have the option of also signing up for the night’s bar crawl. Separately, they are €15 (~$15.94 USD) each, but together, they are €25 (~$26.56 USD). The bar crawl stops by three different bars and clubs and includes entry and tickets for discounts and free drinks. It was a Thursday night and there were twenty-two of us ready to tackle the night, led by our guide Nacho.


I wish I had taken more pictures that night. Actually, I feel like I did, but either I just imagined taking more, I accidentally deleted the pictures from my phone, or Amazon cloud drive did something wrong. Anyway, here are assorted pics from the night:







We went to three places during the crawl: Planet Club, Enbabia, and Kapital. Planet Club and Enbabia were cool and I had fun dancing and getting drinks with everyone else from the hostel, but they did not compare at all to Kapital. Kapital is a huge club with seven distinct floors (not including the ground floor) and it was where the night got really ratchet. Use your imagination for that one.

Here is a list of what to expect from each level, taken from the Kapital website:

MAIN FLOOR: House and Dance music.
1′ PLANTA: The Privee.
2′ PLANTA: Music Studio Karaoke.
3′ PLANTA: The Box – Funky / R&B music.
4′ PLANTA: Kissing room – Cocktail Bar by Bombay Sapphire.
5′ PLANTA: The Party zone.
6′ PLANTA: Mojito and Cuba Libre – Bacardi area.
7′ PLANTA: The Terrace – Lounge bar and smoking area.

The group that I was with stuck around mostly on the ground floor and there was a stage there that sometimes featured either a live band or some dancers. It was so much fun and since we were part of the crawl, we didn’t have to wait in line to enter. I don’t think I got back to my hostel until 3 or 4 AM, which is actually still a little early for some people.

I am not really a big partier and I can only go out so much before I get exhausted and want to be alone, but I had so much fun on the KO Bar Crawl. Great people, great music, great fun and I will definitely have to make an appearance at Kapital again next time I’m in Madrid. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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