EuroTrippin’: Madrid (Part 9) – A Night Out in Madrid

For Carmen, Jeffrey, Romina, and I, it was our last night at the hostel before we all had to check out in the morning. We had gotten to be pretty good friends during our stay there that we wanted to go out and have dinner with each other and grab some drinks before separating.

We didn’t really know where to eat, so we we wandered around a bit to see if we could find anything. After a while walking down the streets of Madrid, we came across a place called Taberna Salamanca and were seated on the upper level. I ended up sharing jamón ibérico (or jamón serrano?), patatas alioli, and a plate of goat cheese. Everything, especially the jamón, was delicious. I realize that I really like Spanish food and writing about food is currently making me hungry.





During dinner, we learned more about where we’ve been and where we wanted to go next. We decided that in three years, we would try to meet up again in Belize. Why Belize? It seemed like it is a good midway point for all of us. So yeah, let’s see if Belize 2018 happens!

After eating, we went out for drinks at two different bars, La Potente and…this other one that I did not write down, before ending the night at Torero.



I don’t remember what time we got back to the hostel, but I just wanted to sleep so that I could wake up on time the next day. This was probably the last time that we would see each other in Madrid, so we took one last picture with each other and said our goodbyes.


Things have a weird way of working out. More on that in my next post.

Next Post: EuroTrippin’: Madrid (Part 10) – Puerta del Sol


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