EuroTrippin’: London II (Part 1) – Welcome Back to London

We’re on the final stretch of this series, guys! Here we go!

When I was creating a rough idea of how my trip would look like, I jotted down some of the cities that I wanted to visit and realized that I could essentially just make a circle around Europe. When I got to London from Los Angeles, I fell in love with the city, but even after a week there, I felt like I was missing out on a lot. I am the type of traveler who likes doing many things on my trips and there are many things to do in London.

It all somehow worked out in that after going to Madrid, I made London the last city of my trip so that I could have more time to explore. To be honest, I also liked the idea of having a sense of closure by returning to where it all started.

Returning is just what I did. After landing back at Gatwick Airport, I took the train to London Bridge station and returned to Swiss Cottage for a room at Palmer’s Lodge, the hostel that I stayed at when I first arrived in Europe. I originally wanted to be in a 12-bed room like I had before, and I did for three of the nights that I was there, but I had to stay in a massive 28-bed room on my first night since everything else was unavailable. That was…different.


It was definitely cheaper, but I like the comfort of the smaller rooms more. I’ll go into a post comparing all the hostels that I stayed in later, but man, this room was huge.




By the time I unpacked and got settled in, it was already late so I decided to just stay at the hostel to sort out some of the things that I’ve picked up along the way. I was going to be switching to another bed in the morning anyway, but I at least wanted to ditch the excess receipts and whatnot that had accumulated over the trip.

I had three more days in London until I’d be leaving back home to LA.

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2 thoughts on “EuroTrippin’: London II (Part 1) – Welcome Back to London

    • Thanks for reading! I realize that all the hostels that I have stayed at during my trip through Europe have been distinctly different from one another, which is pretty cool. I was a little apprehensive at first when I first started hosteling by myself, but Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage in London helped alleviate a lot of those fears when I first arrived. It just made sense to go back there once again on the last leg of my trip.

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