EuroTrippin’: London II (Part 7) – Fall Out Boy at the SSE Arena, Wembley

I went to a Fall Out Boy concert in London. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert in London. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert in London. This experience was just so random that I still can’t believe it actually happened.

I had wanted to go to a concert in London, but I wasn’t sure if there would be any bands that I liked having a show while I was there. A quick browse on the internet showed that Fall Out Boy was playing two nights at SSE Arena, Wembley (also known as the Wembley Arena) for the band’s American Beauty/American Psycho tour. I considered buying a ticket right away, but then all these doubts started creeping in. Wembley was out of the zones that I had on my Travelcard, so I would need to pay extra just to get there. I’ve gone to many concerts by myself, but they were all in smaller venues, so this was going to be my first arena show alone. I ended up not buying the ticket online and figured that if I did end up going, I’d just show up on the day of and see if I could buy a ticket there.

Well, after going back to my hostel from the Monument, I decided that I needed to just take a chance and get over any of the doubts that I had that was keeping me from having fun at this concert. I got help from a staff member at the Finchley Road tube station to add how much extra I needed on my Oyster for the trip to the arena and back and took the Metropolitan line to Wembley Park.



I didn’t have a ticket yet, but the cheapest spots available were already going for £32.50 (~$49.79 USD) online. Even though I was standing in front of SSE Arena, I was still a little unsure of myself and coming up with all these thoughts that tickets were probably sold out anyway and that I should just go home and forget any of this happened. Just then, I overheard a group asking one of the guys at the ticket office if there was an option to sell back their tickets.

Apparently, two of their friends couldn’t make it and they were hoping to get their money back. The guy told them that the ticket office wouldn’t refund the tickets but that they should try selling them to someone. The group was a little apprehensive at first since it essentially turned them into scalpers, but they started asking people around them if they needed to buy any extra tickets. At this point, I had to step in. Normally, I wouldn’t buy tickets from a random person outside a concert, but having seen the exchange between them and the guy at the ticket office, I was positive that this was a legitimate ticket that they were trying to get rid of. They joked around that I might be a cop, but I was able to buy the ticket for only £15 (~$22.67 USD)! Funny how things just work out.

The ticket was for the general admission standing section in front of the stage, so I found a good spot and waited for the first act. I did leave to go and get a beer to at least have some liquid courage in my system. The Heineken bottles that they sell there look like normal Heineken bottles, but they are actually made of plastic and not glass. You still can’t take the bottles back down to the pit, but they give you a cup to pour your drink in instead.



The opening act of the night was Charley Marley, who I hadn’t heard of before. He was apparently a London native though, so that was cool.


Matt and Kim was up next and they had such a great energy to their set! I had heard some of their songs before in commercials or on the radio and liked them, but this set turned me into an actual fan and made me want to hear more. They even had balloons rain down during one of their songs. That’s always worth some bonus points.



You know, after finishing this entry, I started listening to Matt and Kim more on YouTube and I am obsessed. How am I just getting really into them when they have been around for so long?! Their music videos are also really cool. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Next up was Professor Green, another act that I had never heard of, though it appeared that many people from the crowd knew who he was and could sing/rap along to his songs. He’s significant enough that he has a Wikipedia page, but it seems like his popularity is still limited to the UK.



Eventually, Fall Out Boy took the stage and, man, this concert was just so much fun. Honestly, I don’t follow Fall Out Boy like I follow other bands (though I don’t really “follow” bands much anymore), but I know a lot of their songs and like their music enough that I can actually sing along. It just confirmed that I made the right decision in going and I was glad to overcome the doubts that I had.






An interesting thing that I noticed at this concert was that at different points during the show, security would be passing out cups of water into the crowd. People would then pass it on to those who wanted one so that they could stay hydrated. I have never seen this done before and wonder if it’s common in area concerts around the world or if this is just a Wembley or UK thing.

Here are some of my favorite Fall Out Boy tracks:

After the show ended, I stopped by the merchandise booth to get a t-shirt for the tour. There were tons of guys selling Fall Out Boy t-shirts outside the arena too, but I like the one that I got a lot. It’s only the second band shirt that I’ve gotten, after The Hush Sound.


Getting back to the hostel wasn’t too much of a hassle as the train wasn’t too crowded and Finchley Road is only one station over anyway (even though you have to cross from zone 4 to zone 2). Even when I was in my hostel bed, I still couldn’t quite comprehend everything that had just happened that night, though it made me really happy. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert…in London!

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