I Left on a Wednesday (An Epilogue of Sorts)

At last, we’ve come to the end of the EuroTrippin’ series.

When I left Los Angeles to start my trip in London, it was a Wednesday. I arrived at London-Gatwick Airport, a little nervous but mostly excited for the adventures that were ahead of me. Four weeks and five cities later, I was back at London-Gatwick on a Wednesday, ready to fly home. The circle was complete.

I’m not going to focus too much on what happened the morning of my departure since, frankly, it’s not that interesting and just consisted of packing up, making sure I was on the right train to the airport, and grabbing a quick lunch at Pret a Manger before takeoff. I also made sure to buy two bottles of Ribena blackcurrant juice for the flight since the it isn’t available in the US.

Instead, I want to just reflect a bit. When I was younger, going on a trip through Europe was a dream. It was something that I had always wanted to do, but never had the time or money to actually make it happen. It took a big change in my life to realize that I need to make the most of what I can now instead of pushing things back until it’s too late.

I’m so glad that I spent more time in fewer cities rather than the opposite because it allowed me to get a better feel of life in these places. This was an amazing first journey by myself and I know that I am capable of spending a longer time doing solo travel in the future. People say that travel changes you and it really does in that the act makes you understand both the world and yourself in the process.

Honestly, I did get a little gloomy once I had arrived back home. Here I was, back to the same old thing. Writing this series has been a bit therapeutic for me and allowed me to share and relive my adventures. Though I am not traveling at the moment (and I need to build back some more expendable income before I can do another long trip again), I’ve been working on making everything (or at least, most things) that I do worthwhile and I’m just inspired for all the possibilities of the future.

This is the end of the EuroTrippin’ series, but this most likely isn’t the end of my posts about the cities that I visited in Europe. I still do want to cover certain examples of global studies that I though were very interesting (Catalonia’s independence movement! Barcelona’s Summer Olympics! Refugees!) and I also want to do a couple posts based on differences in the cities, including hostels and metro systems, and other backpacking tips in general.

Thanks to those of you who have been reading some of my posts and leaving comments. I really enjoy reading what ya’ll think and it’s always fun having conversations with people from around the world.

I’ll be putting up a post or page with links to all of the posts in the EuroTrippin’ series soon, so look out for that. Until then, live a life worth writing about!


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