Huzzah! from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Hear ye, hear ye. I have some important news. After several years of knowing about it, I have finally attended the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale.

Okay, so it isn’t thaaat important in the grander scheme of things (or even the littler scheme of things), but it is something that I have talked about wanting to do for a while that I just never ended up doing, for one reason or another. Irwindale is kind of far (Pasadena is already a far drive for me and Irwindale is past that!), but I was more motivated to go since I was joined by some friends on this adventure to the past.

It was actually the first time to the fair for all of us. We were supposed to  go with another friend who had gone a couple times before, but she ended up not being able to make it. We didn’t dress up, but I noticed that it looks like the majority of people who attended did. I don’t know if this is just how it is for every day of the fair or if there was just a higher turnout of costumed folk since it was the fair’s last day of the year, but we definitely plan to fit the theme next year. How much cheaper is it to rent a costume than to buy? I don’t know how many uses I would have for a Renaissance-period costume outside of a Renaissance fair.



Anyway, after entering the fairgrounds, we were surrounded by all kinds of characters and shops based around the period theme. We made a quick stop at the restrooms (known here as the privy) and decided to make our way around to one of the several stages on site to catch a show. My friend Glenn got some recommendations from a friend of his who had been to the fair before and our first stop was to see the Merry Wives of Windsor. On our way there though, we ended up coming across a parade. The queen even made an appearance.






The Merry Wives of Windsor were at Rogue’s Reef, which is apparently where all the raunchy and adult-oriented entertainment was based. The show itself was a musical act full of sex jokes and innuendos that different people could describe as fun, clever, irreverent, and/or immature. There were even pop culture references, with some of the women revealing that the nickname for their vaginas are “The Chamber of Secrets” or “Mordor”. I thought it was funny.



Once the show ended, we walked around a little more to explore the rest of the fairgrounds. There were several games and a few photo ops. I also ended up getting a meat pie with steak and mushroom for lunch. It was good, but I definitely burned my tongue.





Eventually, we made our way to watch the jousting tournament and we ended up sitting on the side of the blue knight, Sir Edgeron of Aquataine from France. He was this blonde dude who was a little bro-y, but he did put on a good show and ended up with the most points. I later found out that this same troupe of jousters and their helpers actually travels to other Renaissance Fairs, which I guess does make sense if you are going to make a career out of it.



We went back to the games area of the fair and tried our luck at turtle racing. Basically, all the turtles start out at the center of the ring and the first to touch a rock at the border wins. I think we had four turtles in the race, but alas, they were no match for their competitors.



I also wound up trying to toss javelins at a target. That…ended up pretty much how you would expect it to end with me. None of my javelins really stuck on the wall (one is a little debatable) and I felt a little goofy, but it was fun. I found out recently that I am definitely much better at archery. Must be a power thing.





We didn’t stay too much longer after that. The fair is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, so we barely scratched the surface, but altogether, it was a fun experience that I think will be even more fun if we do end up dressing up for it next year.

Anon, anon, anon.


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