Inflate, Illuminate, Intrude

I love how art can activate a space and get people out to explore their city. Case in point, back in June, several large, inflatable rabbits appeared around Downtown Los Angeles for an art installation called Intrude by Amanda Parer. Specifically, they could be found in the Bank of America Plaza, Wells Fargo Center, and FIGat7th. Save for FIGat7th, which is a mall-like shopping area, the other two locations aren’t exactly places people would just check out for fun. Still, tons of folks came out to admire these glowing rodents lagomorphs.




Besides just being fun to look at, these rabbits also carry an environmental message. Amanda Parer is Australian and real rabbits were brought into her home country by white settlers back in the late 1700s. Since then, these pests have been destroying ecosystems and greatly affecting Australia’s natural wildlife. Not so cute anymore, huh? ABC Science has a great article called “Australia’s battle with the bunny” that is a worthwhile read if you want to learn more about this problem.





This actually brings to mind the dodo, one of the biggest examples I can think of involving introduced animals killing off an entire species. Non-native pigs, cats, dogs, and macaques feasted on dodo nests, dwindling their numbers and contributing greatly to why we don’t have any live dodos left today. Globalization!





When I went to check out these rabbits, this was actually the first time that I saw so many people out in Downtown LA at night that weren’t there for an organized single-day event like a concert, 5K, or art walk. LA’s downtown doesn’t have the up-all-night vibe of other major cities like New York or Las Vegas, so things tend to just die off (save for some small pockets) after dark. It was just really cool seeing people, including families, spending their evening in the city.




The rabbits were only there for a week because they actually travel the world to intrude on new locations. The schedule of where they will pop up next can be found here.


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