Liquid Shard and the Future of Pershing Square

In my post about the Intrude art installation by Amanda Parer, I mentioned how I love when art can activate a space and get people out exploring the city in a new way. Well, earlier this month, I made the trip up to Pershing Square after work one day to check out the whimsical Liquid Shard, created by artist Patrick Shearn in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, NOW Art LA, and Pershing Square. Quoting Disney’s Aladdin out of its original context, it was “shining, shimmering, splendid.”




I’m not quite sure how to really describe Liquid Shard. It’s kind of like a man-made cloud made up of many bits of metallic streamers. Its webpage says that it was made using “holographic mylar and monofilament”, but I have no idea what any of that means. Overall, it spanned 15,000 square feet and rose from 15 feet above the ground to 115 feet in the air.



There was a crowd of people taking pictures and just hanging out underneath the shard (is that even what I should call it?) when I arrived and I was soon swept up in the same fascination. The movement is just tied to the will of the breeze and it was almost hypnotizing. I felt transfixed by the movement of each individual piece and it was all so calming, like being wrapped in a shiny blanket. I overheard one woman telling another woman that this was the best she had ever felt in Pershing Square. I felt the same way too.



Here’s some spectacular drone footage of Liquid Shard in action. FYI, the video doesn’t have any sound, no matter how high you turn up your speakers.

Pershing Square doesn’t really get much love. I’ve even heard it referred to as an eyesore and I can understand why. As a park, there really isn’t that much greenery and all the walls kind of close the square off to the rest of the city. Recently though, a bid from the French architectural design team Agence Ter was unanimously selected in a competition to redesign the park and development is expected to start soon. The new design opens up the space and incorporates a lot more plant-life than there is now. You can find more info and see some design images explaining the new changes here.

Agence Ter and Team from Pershing Square Renew on Vimeo.

I’m super excited for this.


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