Angels Plight

Even though Angels Flight still stands today showing us a physical glimpse into the city’s past, there are many folks out there living in Los Angeles who don’t even know that it exists. I’ve written about this funicular railway a few times on here before and I’ve even had the privilege of actually getting to take a few rides from Hill Street up to California Plaza, but unfortunately, Angels Flight has been out of commission since 2013 after one of its cars derailed.


It’s a shame that such a significant relic of Los Angeles history has just been left to fall into disrepair for so long. The bright orange color has faded and the cars have also been subjected to vandalism from jackasses who think that it’s okay to tag up anything in sight. Aren’t there folks out there who care about this landmark?


Of course there are! Several weeks ago, a statue of a California condor, was erected on a wall by Angels Flight by a street artist apparently known as Wild Life. You might now be wondering how this New World vulture relates to the plight of the railway and that is a completely valid question. A sign that was installed by the condor pretty much provides the answer.

“The condor became extinct in the wild in 1987 (all remaining wild individuals were captured). The species has been reintroduced into parts of North America but is still endangered. Like Angels Flight, she sits here as a reminder: all is not lost.”



If humans are able to save these condors from near-extinction and actually reintroduce the birds back into the wild, then we also have the power to help Angels Flight achieve its true potential. All is not lost.


For now, the cars are still stalled and the entrance is corralled off to prevent entry. If you look close enough, you can even find that one of the signs says that the attraction is closed “due to government neglect”.



Angels Flight has made a comeback before. Here’s hoping that it gets a more permanent one.


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